my neighbors parked their car in front of mine I think they are sending a message


Girls, your boobs are fine. Your thighs are fine. Your butt is fine. Your arms are fine.Your stomach is fine. Honestly, one day someone who will know how you feel about every part of your body, and they will want to kiss every inch of your skin regardless and you won’t get it but you’ll know you are fine. 

Guys, your dick is fine. Your abs are fine. Your chest is fine. Your arms are fine. Your muscles are fine. Honestly, one day you’ll fine someone that will look at you naked and smile and hug you and make you feel both the most fragile and strongest thing in the universe and you won’t get it but you’ll know you are fine.

We’re all just fine.

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I look like a dick, bit DEAN FUCKING DOBBS


"He wants to go home."